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I learned four very powerful principles for life and business from an 'advertising man' called Bruce Barton, He ran one of the most profitable ad agencies back in the 1920's. The four principles are these:

Brevity: Get to the point. You'll be surprised to find that in the first chapter of Genesis in the Bible - the whole story of the creation of the world can be told in only 600 words!

Simplicity: Make your case so that a child can understand. Stay away from three-syllable words. Isn't it interesting that the finest things in human life are one-syllable things - love, joy, hope, home, child, wife, trust, faith - no adjectives are necessary.

Sincerity: Tell it like it is. No spin, no nonsense. Little children know no pretense. They are startlingly frank. They look at the world through clear eyes and say only what they think. The public has a sixth sense for detecting insincerity; they know when words ring true.

Repetition: People forget. They need to be reminded over and over again. No important truth can be impressed upon the minds of of any large number of people by being said only once.